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Rave Nippattu ( Spicy Semolina Crackers)


IMG_2887Here comes yet another crunchy and crispy snack from Karnataka (India). Nippattu is basically a savoury, crispy and crunchy snack made from rice flour along with some herbs and ingredients. I tried making nippattu differently with other ingredients along with rice flour, I used little bit of maida and rava (sooji) along with rice flour. Believe me it came out very crispy, light and delicious. In my beginning days of cooking, I tried making nippattu many times at home and I failed. Finally I succeeded. That is the reason I always try to make dishes easier for beginners. You can try it without any hesitation, it won’t spoil and will come out successfully. If you try it once, you would love to do it again and again. Please try it for a smaller quantity for the first time. Once you will be successful, you can make it for larger quantity. That is the reason I am giving you smaller quantity measurement. Let’s see how to prepare Rave Nippattu.  Continue reading →

Jolada Hittina Bhaji (Sorghum Flour Fritters)

img_20180120_141131_3.jpg“Bhaji” word itself is mouthwatering, at the same time, we hesitate to consume it as much as we like. May be because of the reason that too much consumption of gram flour does not suit everybody. Here comes an interesting recipe of bhaji. I am going to show you making of “bhajis” using Jolada hittu (sorghum flour) instead of gram flour. Jolada hittu (sorghum flour) is the integral part of our regular diet (North Karnataka). We make varieties of dishes from Sorghum. I tried this recipe for the first time using very less number of ingredients. You may wonder, they came out very tasty and crunchy as well. This is less harmful compared to regular bhajis. Let’s see the preparation of tasty and crunchy  Jolada Hittina Bhaji.  Continue reading →

Mirchi Bhaji (Green Chilly Fritters)

chile-verde-25761282883202b2qsHere comes mouth watering hot snack which is very popular and liked by all category of people. Basically, mirchi bhaji is a combination of two hindi words. Green chilly is known as Mirchi (actually it is hari mirch) and fritter is know as bhaji in Hindi (Indian national language). Mirchi bhaji is a well known street side food in all most all southern states of India. Mirchi bhaji is a hot and spicy tea time snack, the ingredients of which are green chillies and gram flour. This dish is prepared in different ways in different regions of India. I am preparing this dish using little bit spices which are good for health and enhance the taste of mirchi bhaji. I saw my uncle preparing this dish, I learnt it from him. You have to choose green chillies very carefully. They should be light green in colour and little bit thick in dimension and of course should be fresh. You will be happy to know that it consumes very less time for preparation and is very easy to prepare. Let’s see how to prepare hot and spicy mirchi bhaji.   Continue reading →

Instant Hagala kayi Chips (Instant Bitter gourd Chips)

IMG_2228Are you a bitter gourd lover? Then here comes a hot and spicy recipe made from bitter gourd. This is a spicy, crispy and crunchy tea time snack. Hagala kayi is basically kannada (India) word used for bitter gourd and it is known as Karela in Hindi. You can try this dish once and I am sure, you would love to have it again and again. Variety of dishes can be prepared from bitter gourd, this recipe is one of them. The name of the vegetable itself indicates that it is the most bitter in taste and and at the same time, it has got plenty of health benefits which can be derived by including it in your regular diet. It helps in managing diabetes, immune system and many more. You can serve this dish as side dish in lunch or you can serve it with evening tea or any time you can have it as snacks. You don’t need to spend much time for preparation, you can prepare it instantly. Let’s see how to prepare the crispy and crunchy Hagala kaki chips.   Continue reading →

Nippattu (Spicy Rice Flour Crackers)

IMG_2237Here comes yet another delicious and mouth watering dish from Karnataka (India). Nippattu is one of the most popular savoury dishes of Karnataka (India). Nippattu is popular in all most all southern states of India and of course it is known by different names in different states. Nipattu is basically savoury and crispy round shaped snack made from rice flour and some spices which are good for health. Rice flour offers a lot of benefits, it is highly consumed in southern states of India, in fact, it is consumed in most of Asian Countries. Rice flour has versatile uses, its importance and inclusion in the regular diet, may be, because of its gluten free characteristics. At the same time, rice flour is easy to digest and it provides crispy and light texture to the snacks. I learnt it from my aunt and I modified little bit to make it easier for the beginners. If you try it once, you will love to do it again. Let’s see how to prepare “Nippattu”.   Continue reading →

Rajma Vada ( Kidney Beans Fritters )

RajmaThis is another mouth watering and spicy tea time snack. I am going to prepare this dish from rajma and some other pulses. We can do wonders in cooking with rajma. Rajma is known for it’s excellent protein and fiber content, which helps in maintaining cholesterol levels, blood pressure and over all heart health in normal range. You know something about rajma, when these fibre rich beans consumed, occupy a lot of space in the stomach, having a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and the most important thing is they are very low in fat as well. Eating rajma everyday can become boring or monotonous, here is another interest way to cook it. You can serve it as evening snacks or as well as side dish with main course. I made it very easy for beginners, you will love to try this. Let’s see the preparation of tasty, spicy and healthy rajma vada.

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Palak Pakoda ( Spinach Fritters )

Pile of baby spinachThis is an Indian snack, which is one of the very popular snacks. It is made from Palak/Spinach and Gram flour. I am using some spices to enhance the taste of the dish. Spinach is a versatile vegetable that is popular worldwide. Nearly every cuisine features it. It is a shiny green leafy vegetable, which is believed to have originated in Asia. Spinach has got a strong and very pleasant flavour. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folic acid,Calcium and iron. Palak pakoda can be prepared instantly, it does not require much time for preparation as such. It is easy for bigginner as well, all you have to do is – you have to mix the ingredients in proper proportions as I mention here. Whenever you feel of having hot and spicy snacks, you can prepare this snack immediately without taking much time. It can be served as starter or as evening tea time snack. Even, in South Indian houses, this dish is served for lunch as side snack in festivals. Let’s see the preparation of hot and spicy palak pakoda.   Continue reading →


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black-eye-pea-spoonThis is another Indian savory snack made from black eyed beans and some natural spices. Alasande kalu is a kannada word (Karnataka, India) used for black eyed beans. This is mainly prepared in southern part of India. Alasande is a very good source of proteins and dietary fiber. Normally, in rainy season, we like to have some hot and spicy snacks at the time of evening tea.You can try this recipe, this is the ideal dish for the season. You can also serve this in lunch and dinner as starter. Preparation of this dish is simple and you can prepare it with the ingredients available in your kitchen. You can, also, prepare this type of  snacks, using any type of  pulses, available in your kitchen. If you want to use, you can use onion but you should not add hing (asafoitida). Now, we will see the preparation of this hot and tasty alsande kalu vade.

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This is a spicy dish recipe made from ground nuts and other spices. These masala groundnuts are served as tea time snacks or time pass snacks. These are very healthy and tasty. They can be stored for more than 1 month. Groundnuts provide 30 essential nutrients. They are antioxidants and are also naturally free of fats and sodium. The preparation is easy and takes less time. Let’s see how to prepare spicy groundnuts. Continue reading →