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Mirchi Bhaji (Green Chilly Fritters)

chile-verde-25761282883202b2qsHere comes mouth watering hot snack which is very popular and liked by all category of people. Basically, mirchi bhaji is a combination of two hindi words. Green chilly is known as Mirchi (actually it is hari mirch) and fritter is know as bhaji in Hindi (Indian national language). Mirchi bhaji is a well known street side food in all most all southern states of India. Mirchi bhaji is a hot and spicy tea time snack, the ingredients of which are green chillies and gram flour. This dish is prepared in different ways in different regions of India. I am preparing this dish using little bit spices which are good for health and enhance the taste of mirchi bhaji. I saw my uncle preparing this dish, I learnt it from him. You have to choose green chillies very carefully. They should be light green in colour and little bit thick in dimension and of course should be fresh. You will be happy to know that it consumes very less time for preparation and is very easy to prepare. Let’s see how to prepare hot and spicy mirchi bhaji.   Continue reading →



This is an Indian dish made from rice and coriander seeds. This dish is prepared in different ways in different parts of our country. We can have this for breakfast. I have seen my Mother- in-law preparing this dish. I have slightly modified it and it came out very tasty and delicious. Coriander seeds are excellent source of minerals like iron, copper, calcium and many more. They are also rich in dietary fiber and they have got pleasant aromatic quality. You will be happy to know that it takes only 15 minutes to prepare this dish and procedure is also very simple. Let’s see the preparation of Dhaniya Rice.   Continue reading →