This is a spicy dish recipe made from ground nuts and other spices. These masala groundnuts are served as tea time snacks or time pass snacks. These are very healthy and tasty. They can be stored for more than 1 month. Groundnuts provide 30 essential nutrients. They are antioxidants and are also naturally free of fats and sodium. The preparation is easy and takes less time. Let’s see how to prepare spicy groundnuts.


  • Groundnuts – 200 grams (around 1 cup)
  • Red chilli Powder – 2 Tea spoon (According to your taste you can change the measurement)
  • Salt – 1 Tea spoon
  • Besan (Bengal gram flour/Kadale hittu) – 2 Table spoon
  • Cooking oil – 200 ml


  • Wash the groundnuts with plane water and drain them. Pour washed groundnuts to a wide mouthed bowl. Sprinkle salt,  red chilli powder and besan (kadale hittu) over it and mix it well with hands so that each nut should be covered with besan and other masala. Close the bowl with a lid and leave it to set for 15 minutes so that nuts will become soft and absorb the masala in it.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan (kadhai) on medium flame. Once oil get hot,make the flame low. Slowly drop the masala groundnuts into oil, While dropping, separate them with fingers so that each and every nut will get separated while frying. Fry them until they get golden red colour. Takeout from Kadhai to a kitchen towel. Frying on low flame will help the nuts to cook completely.
  • Tasty and spicy groundnuts are ready to eat. You can store them in a dry bottle for more than 1 month.
  • You can serve it hot with tea as snacks.







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