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Bhakri ( Jowar Roti/Sorghum Flat Bread )

IMG_2259Bhakri is a flat bread made from Jolada hittu (Jowar atta/sorghum flour) which is unleavened (bread made without using yeast or any other raising agents). This dish is the most authentic and regular diet consumed in northern part of Karnataka (India). It is called “Bhakri” in our North Karnataka region and it is popularly known as “Jolada Rotti” in other parts of Karnataka. In fact it is our staple food which constitutes a dominant portion of standard diet supplying a large fraction of energy and a significant proportion of the intake of other nutrients as well. One more thing I want to share with you that Jola (Jowar or Sorghum) is gluten free, rich in fibre, contains high protein, it controls blood sugar level and it is packed with vitamins, minerals and it has so many countless health benefits. This dish has got only one ingredient that is Jolada Hittu (Sorghum flour). Preparing bhakri with hands is an art and you need lot of experience.  You should know the technique of patting it. If you don’t know how to pat it, here is the alternative method which I am going to tell you now. I will tell you both the methods so that you can try traditional one once you get experience in it. Let’s see the preparation of Bhakri.   Continue reading →


Masala Jolada Rotti (Masala Jawar Roti/Spicy Sorghum Flat Bread)

IMG_2241 copyHere comes yet another Indian spicy, nutritious, mouth watering and most importantly gluten free dish. This dish is prepared from fresh vegetables and Sorghum flour. Sorghum flour is called Jolada Hittu in Kannada and Jawar atta in other Indian languages. Basically, Jola is a kannada (Karnataka, India) word used for Sorghum and Flour is called Hittu in Kannada, atta in Hindi and other languages spoken in India. North Karnataka is well known for its jolada rotti. Jolada rotti is the main course of the meal in North Karnataka. We prepare many more dishes from sorghum flour (jolada hittu), Masala jolada rotti is one of them. Basically, Sorghum (Jola/Jawar) is an ancient grain which is a staple crop in India, especially in North Karnataka (Karnataka, India). Sorghum is completely gluten free which provides health benefits that make a healthy addition to our daily diet. It has got high nutritional value with high level of unsaturated fat, protein, fibre and minerals. It has got antioxidants which are more easily digestible. It will be a bonanza if we add it to our daily diet. Preparing plain jolada rotti may be little bit difficult, that is the reason, I am writing this dish for you which is very simple, no need to worry about spoiling of dish. It will not spoil in any conditions. It is so easy that you may wonder and you will love to do it for your kids which is very healthy. Let’s see the preparation of Masala jolada rotti.   Continue reading →

Huggi (Pongal/Khichadi/Spicy Split Green Gram Rice)

IMG_2183After sweet dish for Makara Sankranti, here comes another dish, especially, prepared one day before the festival, we call that day as “Bhogi”. Huggi is a typical south Indian recipe. Huggi recipe is similar to pongal and Khichadi. This recipe is very popular in southern part of India. Huggi is prepared using rice, split green gram and some spices. There is no such hard and fast rule that this recipe is prepared, particularly, on Bhogi, you can prepare it whenever you feel of eating it. Huggi is very good child friendly food which is very easy to digest and is very tasty and healthy as well. You can try it for your younger one. Huggi with “Hasi Huli” is an excellent combination. Hasi Huli is similar to rasam or saaru. I prepare this dish often as it consumes very less time. Whenever you are tired or you have very less time to prepare food, you can prepare this dish and serve it. You can serve it for breakfast, you can serve it as main course for lunch and you can prepare it for dinner as well. It is a boon for working women. Let’s see the preparation of Huggi.   Continue reading →

Mixed Dall Dosa (Mixed split pulses Pancake)

dalThis is very healthy and delicious dish, you can make it hot and spicy as well. You can prepare this dish for breakfast and as well as for lunch box, this dish is fit for all seasons and all time. And more over it can be prepared instantly, no need to wait for fermentation. Dall is a dried pulse (lentils, peas or beans) which has been split. You can use any dal available in your kitchen. Split pulses (dall) are powerhouse of nutrition. They are the oldest commonly consumed food grains and at the same time, they are the one which need very less time to prepare since they don’t require a lengthy soaking time unlike other grains. In fact, I prepare it frequently for the breakfast, it is very easy and simple to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of mixed dall dosa.   Continue reading →

Alasande Kalu Rice (Lobia Chawal/Black Eyed Beans Rice)

black_eyed_bean 1This is an interesting recipe which requires very less preparation. Alasande kalu is a kannada (Karnataka, India) word used for black eyed beans. This dish is healthy and delicious too. Like other beans, black eyed beans are rich in fiber and they are low in fat. It is a good practice if you use these beans regularly in different forms like curry, veggie and so many dishes. They supply high quality proteins which provides alternative to meat or any other animal protein which is very much essential to the body. For beginners and bachelors, this recipe is a boon as it requires no elaborated procedures and preparation. You can prepare this dish for lunch, dinner and even for breakfast. You can prepare this dish using any vegetables available in your kitchen along with some spices and herbs, believe me it comes out very tasty. I made it simple and easy for you. I, always, try to make cooking easy and simpler so that people start getting interest in cooking. I, honestly, want people to realize that cooking is not that much tough and tedious and one can make healthy and simple dishes within few minutes without spending much time. Let’s see the preparation of Alasande Kalu rice (Black Eyed Beans Rice).   Continue reading →

Akki Rotti ( Rice Flour Bread )

rice_flour_at_homeThis is an another tasty and healthy Indian dish which is very familiar to Kannadigas (people belong to Karnataka, India). This dish is prepared in southern part of India where paddy is the main crop. “Akki” is a Kannada word used for Rice. This is one type of roti (flat bread) prepared from akki hittu (rice flour) adding a little quantity of spices to it. You can serve this dish for breakfast and for lunch as main course as well. These rotis can be packed for lunch box and this dish is ideal for picnic as well. This dish can be prepared in different ways, I am showing you the simplest way of preparing this dish. This can be prepared instantly and takes minimum time to prepare. Let’s see how to prepare akki rotti.   Continue reading →

Mixed Vegetable Rice

VegetablesThis is not a vegetable pulao or vegetable biryani, it is just a plain mixed vegetable rice.This recipe comes handy when you return home tired after your hectic scheduled job, you may feel too tired to cook. It is a boon for beginners as this recipe does not require any elaborated procedures. This dish can be prepared for lunch, dinner and small get-togethers. And more over, this dish is healthy one. I prepare this dish using some vegetables, available in the season along with some natural and fresh spices. I, normally, prepare this dish for lunch box, it saves my time in the morning. I, always, try to make cooking easy and simpler so that people start liking cooking. I, honestly, want people to know that cooking is not that tough and one can make healthy and simple dishes within few minutes without spending much time. Let’s see the preparation of mixed vegetable rice, which, you love to cook it after reading this recipe.   Continue reading →

Beetroot Rice

chopped-beetrootThis is an another rice recipe, prepared from beetroot and rice. Cooking with rice is really easy for South Indians, because rice is the regular part of South Indian diet. This is an another lunch box idea. My husband likes different types of rice in lunch box, that is why I, always, try something new and less time consuming rice items. This is served for breakfast as well. This is healthy and delicious too. Beetroot is an interesting vegetable to be added to rice, it gives rice its natural colour and a natural sweetness to the rice and that  makes this dish really tasty and unique. And more over beetroot is low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants. This is a very simple recipe, can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.A perfect dish for lunch box.   Continue reading →

Rajma Rice ( Rajma Chawal / Kidney beans Rice )

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This is a traditional South Indian recipe and this is a rice item. This dish is mainly prepared during festivals and poojas. This is served as prasadam in some of the South Indian Temples. This is very delicious and tasty. There are many methods of preparing Puliyogare. I am going to show you the easiest way of preparing this dish. I am preparing dry masala for Puliyogare. Let’s see the preparation of Puliyogare.   Continue reading →