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Rave Nippattu ( Spicy Semolina Crackers)


IMG_2887Here comes yet another crunchy and crispy snack from Karnataka (India). Nippattu is basically a savoury, crispy and crunchy snack made from rice flour along with some herbs and ingredients. I tried making nippattu differently with other ingredients along with rice flour, I used little bit of maida and rava (sooji) along with rice flour. Believe me it came out very crispy, light and delicious. In my beginning days of cooking, I tried making nippattu many times at home and I failed. Finally I succeeded. That is the reason I always try to make dishes easier for beginners. You can try it without any hesitation, it won’t spoil and will come out successfully. If you try it once, you would love to do it again and again. Please try it for a smaller quantity for the first time. Once you will be successful, you can make it for larger quantity. That is the reason I am giving you smaller quantity measurement. Let’s see how to prepare Rave Nippattu.  Continue reading →


Avare Kalu Uppittu ( hyacinth bean porridge )

IMG_2550Here comes a very delicious and healthy breakfast recipe from Karnataka, especially from Southern part of Karnataka (India). Uppittu is purely a Kannada word which is popularly known as upma in all over India. Uppittu or Upma is a very common breakfast dish cooked as a thick porridge from dry roasted semolina (Rava) with vegetables and natural spices. You can include vegetables of your choice and taste. Rava is a Kannada word for semolina. Semolina (rava) is made from hard and well processed wheat. The texture of the wheat used is little bit coarse and the texture after it is cooked is very unique and attractive. Since semolina (Rava) is naturally very low in fat, it is good for diabeties and for those who intend to loose weight. The fibre present in semolina will help you to digest easily. It is very light for your stomach and you don’t feel heavy even if you include it in your dinner. Added to this, I am using avare kalu which is very good source of dietary fibre. You will be happy to know that it consumes comparatively very less time to prepare and I made the procedure little bit easier for beginners. Let’s see the preparation of Avare Kalu Uppittu.   Continue reading →