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This is a summer drink, which is prepared all over the world, but known by different names and procedure may differ a little bit. In India, it is known as Kachhe aam ka panna, Sharabat and by many more names. In Karnataka (India), it is known as “Mavinakayi panaka”. Mavinakayi is a kannada word used for unripe mango/green mango/kachhe aam and panaka is a traditional kannada word used for juice/sharabat.

Apart from being delicious and represhing, it has got many other health benefits. It beats the heat and prevents you from sun stroke and dehydration in summer. It is rich in Vitamin C and it helps in digestion. I am using cardamom powder, which gives cooling effect to the drink and pleasant flavour as well. Instead of cardamom powder you can use cumin seeds powder. You will be happy to know that the procedure is very simple and less time consuming. Let’s see the preparation of this delicious drink.   Continue reading →