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Kadale Bele Halwa (Chana Dal Halwa/Bengal Gram Pudding)

IMG_20190502_112914Here comes yet another delicious sweet dish. Name “Halwa” itself is a mouthwatering word. Bengal gram is a major ingredient in the Indian vegetarian cooking. Especially in South Indian cuisine, it is essentially used in making curries, salad (Kosambari – Kannada word), sweet dishes like payasam, holige, laddoos and so many dishes as it offers a variety of health benefits such as improving digestion, helps in weight management and reducing the risk of several diseases. It’s nutty taste and grainy texture pairs well with several other ingredients. Today, I tried making this dish on the basis of other halwa making procedure with some new idea. Trust me it came out very delicious and tasty, procedure is very simple and easy. You can try it once at home. Let’s see how to make Kadale bele Halwa.  Continue reading →


Banana Jam

img_2883The name “Banana Jam” itself is mouthwatering for banana lovers, isn’t it. This dish is the most delicious and tempting one. Recently I tried to make banana jam in a natural way without using any preservatives and without loosing its natural flavour. Believe me, it came out very delicious at once and surprisingly, it took very little time to prepare it. You all know bananas have got incredible health benefits. They are rich in fibre, easy to digest, high in potassium and the most importantly it helps to control blood pressure. There are good reasons to include banana in our daily diet. This dish is one of the ways to include banana in daily diet for kids. Let’s get started to prepare banana jam.  Continue reading →

Gasagase Payasa (Khas Khas Kheer/Poppy Seed Dessert)

poppyYet another Indian sweet dish for you! This is a traditional and authentic sweet dish of Karnataka (India). Main ingredient of this dish is poppy seed which is known as gasagase in Kannada (Karnataka, India), khas khas in hindi. Payasa is a kannada word used for kheer or dessert. Poppy is used in cooking either in the form of whole seeds, ground or paste (thin or thick). Poppy seeds are nutritious oil seeds used in cooking to give a special flovour and texture to food because of its unique nutty aromatic flavour. The seeds are having excellent source of   B complex. Their flavour is somewhat enhanced by roasing them on low heat. Gentle frying release special aromatic essential oils in the seeds. This is a very simple and easy recipe and consumes very less time as well. You try it once, you will love to cook it again and again. Let’s see the preparation of delicious and tasty gasagase payasa.   Continue reading →

Beetroot Halwa ( Beetroot Dessert )

grated-beetrootYet another delicious, tasty and healthy sweet dish for you! Beetroot halwa is made from red beetroot and sugar, whereas I am using organic jaggary instead of sugar. Beetroot halwa is not much popular. Who ever is not familiar with this sweet dish, can try once. This is very healthy and tasty. At first instance, beetroots look rough and dusty, you may be surprised by how sweet it tastes. In fact, beetroots contain highest natural sugar content of all vegetables, that is why this sweet dish requires very less quantity of jaggary (or sugar). Beetroots have got a number of essential nutrients which help in improving heart health, lowers the risk of diabetes complications keeps you healthy. If we eat beets raw,it is crunchy, but turns soft when it is cooked. You can enjoy beets raw in the form of salad or sliced and as well as you can enjoy beets cooked or steamed. In all forms it taste grate and provides vitamins and minerals required to the body, making them a healthy addition to your diet may result in amazing improvement in health. Whenever you try new things in cooking, it is better to prepare it in smaller quantity. Once you feel you are good at preparing the dish, you can prepare in larger quantity. You can try this, I am sure you will succeed. Let’s see the preparation of tasty, healthy and delecious Beetroot halwa.   Continue reading →


KadalibeleThis is an Indian sweet recipe, mainly prepared in southern part of India during festivals. This is offered as naivedyam to God. Hayagreeva is the name of  Hindu God and the food offered to him is known by his name “HAYAGREEVA”. This dish is made from chana dal(kadali bele/Split chickpeas) and jaggery (bella). This is prepared as substitute of holige (obbattu/stuffed sweet roti) as well. At the same time, it is good for health to consume this dish once in a week. My mother used to prepare this dish every alternative week. Chana dal provide an excellent source of proteins and minerals like iron and copper. They also contain dietary fiber which help to remove cholesterol from the body and also prevents digestive disorders. You will be very glad to know that the procedure is very simple and takes less time and you need very limited ingredients.  Let’s see how to prepare “Hayagreeva Sweet”.

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Gajjari halwa or carrot halwa is an Indian sweet dish which is made from carrot and sugar. Normally, this dish is prepared using milk. I am preparing this dish without using milk. This is very tasty and delicious and healthy too. My son loves this very much and I often prepare this dish for him. This is a simple sweet dish which requires very few ingredients. You will enjoy cooking this dish because you need not be expert in cooking for preparing this dish. It is so simple to remember the steps. Let’s see the preparation of tasty and delicious carrot halwa.

I am showing, here, preparation of halwa using a small quantity of ingredients. Once you expertise in this, you can prepare for larger quantity. I always do this, If I am doing any new thing  in cooking, I do it for smaller quantity. If the dish comes out tasty then I will prepare in larger quantity. You can try this.   Continue reading →


This is a sweet dish recipe made from milk and dry fruits. This is an Indian dessert which is very delicious and healthy. I am using cashew nuts and almonds, which are rich in energy and are very nutritious. Milk is an excellent source of dietary calcium. It is easy to prepare and takes very less time. Let’s see how to prepare this delicious and healthy Kaju Badam Kheer.   Continue reading →


This sweet is mainly prepared in the southern part of India. This dish is made from beaten rice (avalakki/rice flakes/poha) and jaggery. This dish is offered as naivedyam/prasaad to God during festivals and poojas. Beaten rice is easily digestable. It is fat free and cholesterol free. The most wonderful quality of beaten rice is – it is beneficial for obese and hypertensive people. I am using jaggery here, which is rich in iron and acts as antioxidant. This dish is very tasty and healthy. You will be happy to know that it is easy to prepare and takes hardly 15 minutes. Let’s see the preparation of this sweet dish.   Continue reading →


This is an Indian traditional sweet dish which is prepared on special occasions like festivals. This dish is made from moong dal (split green grams) and jaggery. It is a good source of protein and fiber. This dish helps to overcome from acidity problems. You can have it twice a week. You will be happy to know that it is very easy to prepare and in very less time. It will take hardly 20 -25 minutes to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of this tasty sweet dish.   Continue reading →


Shaavige looks like thin noodles and they come in thin long sticks. You can either use vermicelli or spaghetti pasta, it will only differ in the width of the noodles. Vermicelli sweet dish is one of the good old traditional Indian sweet dishes. There are two types of vermicelli available in the market – rice vermicelli and wheat vermicelli. We are using wheat vermicelli here. Wheat vermicelli is tastier than rice vermicelli, they are relatively low in cholesterol and carbohydrates, and healthy too.

This dish contains lots of nuts and dry fruits. We are using very less quantity of sugar, so everybody can taste it once. You can increase the quantity of sugar according to your taste. It is very healthy for kids who refuse to drink milk. It is very easy to prepare and it takes hardly 20 minutes. Let’s see the preparation of this dish.   Continue reading →