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Ginger Chutney ( Hasi Shunti Chutney)

IMG_2261Here comes yet another tangy and spicy side dish made from Ginger. Normally, Ginger is used as an aromatic spice in cooking in order to give special flavour to the food. Where as I am using it as main ingredient in this recipe. Hasi shunti is a kannada word (Karnataka, India) used for Ginger and chutney is a spicy condiment made of vegetables with other spices. Ginger is one of the most popular root herb used in cooking and it is the healthiest spice among all spices. Ginger is loaded with nutrients that have powerful benefits for the body and brain, it has a very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well. I learnt this recipe from my aunt, when I tasted it, I loved it. I made little bit changes so that beginners can try this recipe¬†and succeed ūüôā You can serve it with roti, chapati, rice and you can use it as bread spread as well. You will be happy to know that¬†it consumes very less time and you can store it for months. One thing I wanted to share with you that the taste of a dish depends upon when we add natural flavouring agents like ginger during cooking process. If we add it in the beginning, it will give a subtler flavour while add it at the end, it will give a more pungent taste. You can take it as a cooking tip or ‚Ķ experience. Let‚Äôs see how to prepare the tangy and spicy Ginger chutney. ¬† Continue reading →


Instant Hagala kayi Chips (Instant Bitter gourd Chips)

IMG_2228Are you a bitter gourd lover? Then here comes a hot and spicy¬†recipe made from bitter gourd. This is a spicy, crispy and crunchy tea time snack. Hagala kayi is basically kannada (India) word used for bitter gourd and it is known as Karela in Hindi. You can try this dish once and I am sure, you would love to have¬†it again and again. Variety of dishes can be prepared from bitter gourd, this recipe is one of them. The name of the vegetable itself indicates that it is the most bitter in taste and and at the same time, it has got plenty of health benefits which can be derived by including it in your regular diet. It helps in managing diabetes, immune system and many more. You can serve this dish¬†as side dish in lunch or you can serve it with evening tea or any time you can have it as snacks. You don’t¬†need to spend¬†much time for preparation, you can prepare it instantly. Let‚Äôs see how to prepare the crispy and crunchy Hagala kaki chips. ¬† Continue reading →

Budama kayi Uppinakayi (Dosa kayi Pickle/lemon cucumber Pickle)

BudmakaiBudamakayi or Dosakayi (Indian name) or lemon cucumber is a big spherical cucumber which is very popular in southern part of India. In India, Lemon cucumbers are available during summer season. The mild and pleasant taste is complemented by a cool and crisp texture. It resembles a lemon in appearance, the flavour is little bit sweet and less acidic. Lemon juice or vinegar is to be added to make the pickle little bit sour. It is better to use vinegar which works as preservative for pickles as well. Varieties of dishes can be prepared by using lemon cucumbers, this recipe is one of them. This recipe is a very simple and easy one and more over it consumes very less time and requires very less preparation. The ingredients used in this recipe are commonly available in every kitchen. You can serve it as side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It complements the food with rice, roti, chapati, paratha, upama and all main courses. Let’s see the preparation of hot, tangy and spicy budamakayi uppinakayi. ¬† Continue reading →

Mixed Dall Dosa (Mixed split pulses Pancake)

dalThis is very healthy and delicious dish, you can make it hot and spicy as well. You can prepare this dish for breakfast and as well as for lunch box, this dish is fit for all seasons and all time. And more over it can be prepared instantly, no need to wait for fermentation. Dall is a dried pulse (lentils, peas or beans) which has been split. You can use any dal available in your kitchen. Split pulses (dall) are powerhouse of nutrition. They are the oldest commonly consumed food grains and at the same time, they are the one which need very less time to prepare since they don’t require a lengthy soaking time unlike other grains. In fact, I prepare it frequently for the breakfast, it is very easy and simple to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of mixed dall dosa. ¬† Continue reading →


This is a side dish recipe, which is made from lemon and jaggery.  This is a very healthy and tasty dish and it is harmless as well. It can be served with roti, chapati, paratha and rice. It can also be used as bread spread, children will, definately, love this dish.

Lemons are excellent source of Vitamin C, which offers numerous health benefints. It helps¬†to strengthen the immune system and protect from flu, cold, ear infections and many more health benefits. At the same time, jaggery is rich in iron, helps to¬†prevent anemia and it works as an antioxidant. You will be happy to know that you can prepare this dish within 15¬†minutes and you can store it for several months.¬†¬†Let’s see how to prepare lemon chutney. ¬† Continue reading →


This is a good old traditional South Indian dish. Basically, this dish is made from green moong and some spices. I have tried this recipe adding palak to it and it comes out very tasty. Its aroma and taste is mouthwatering. We can have it for breakfast. It is very healthy and easy to digest. Palak and Moong, both are very good source of dietary fiber. Both have rich iron content. It can be prepared immediately after batter is ready. Let’s see how to prepare this dish. ¬† Continue reading →


This is a spicy dish recipe made from ground nuts and other spices. These masala groundnuts are served as tea time snacks or time pass snacks. These are very healthy and tasty. They can be stored for more than 1 month. Groundnuts provide 30 essential nutrients. They are antioxidants and are also naturally free of fats and sodium. The preparation is easy and takes less time. Let’s see how to prepare spicy groundnuts. Continue reading →


This is a traditional South Indian recipe and this is a rice item. This dish is mainly prepared during festivals and poojas. This is served as prasadam in some of the South Indian Temples. This is very delicious and tasty. There are many methods of preparing Puliyogare. I am going to show you the easiest way of preparing this dish. I am preparing dry masala for Puliyogare. Let’s see the preparation of Puliyogare. ¬† Continue reading →


It is an Indian dish. It is prepared in different parts of India in different ways. It is made from¬†chana dal (split bengal gram) and other natural herbs and spices. It is very delicious, tasty and¬†healthy. It is served as snack, but we can serve it with meals as side dish as well.¬†You will be happy to know that it is not as tedious as everybody thinks it is. On the contrary, it is very¬†easy to prepare and takes very less time. Let‚Äôs see the preparation of this dish. ¬† Continue reading →


This is an Indian dish. This dish is prepared most commonly in southern part of India. It is served as side dish for rotis, chapattis and parathas. This is made from green tomatoes and green chillies. Basically, tomatoes are healthier than any other vegetable. They are antioxidants and very low in saturated fat. We are using fenugreek seeds (Methi), which have excellent medicinal values. They help in preventing anaemia, a condition where low level of hemoglobin occurs along with indigestion and sluggish lever. They give a natural aroma to the dish as well.

The procedure for preparing this dish is very simple and easy. It may take hardly 15 minutes to¬†prepare. We can store it for 2 to 3 days in refrigerator. Let‚Äôs see the preparation of this dish. ¬† Continue reading →