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Rajma Vada ( Kidney Beans Fritters )

RajmaThis is another mouth watering and spicy tea time snack. I am going to prepare this dish from rajma and some other pulses. We can do wonders in cooking with rajma. Rajma is known for it’s excellent protein and fiber content, which helps in maintaining cholesterol levels, blood pressure and over all heart health in normal range. You know something about rajma, when these fibre rich beans consumed, occupy a lot of space in the stomach, having a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and the most important thing is they are very low in fat as well. Eating rajma everyday can become boring or monotonous, here is another interest way to cook it. You can serve it as evening snacks or as well as side dish with main course. I made it very easy for beginners, you will love to try this. Let’s see the preparation of tasty, spicy and healthy rajma vada.

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Rajma Rice ( Rajma Chawal / Kidney beans Rice )

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Rajma 2In southern part of India, we, normally, prepare varieties of dosas (pancakes) for breakfast. We make dosas using all types of pulses and cereals, some of them can be prepared instantly and some of them require processing. I have prepared this recipe (Kidney beans pancake) using rajma (kidney beans) with some herbs and spices. Believe me it awesome and came out very tasty and  delicious. One more good thing about it –  you can make it as you like, you can make it soft like set dosa or crisp like rava dosa.  At the same time,   Rajma beans are rich in proteins, minerals and fiber. Breakfast with rajma recipe is very healthy. You will be glad to know that this recipe requires very less preparation and it can be prepared instantly after dough is ready, you need not wait for fermentation. Now, I am going to tell you how to  prepare  Rajma dosa or Kidney beans pancake.

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This is a traditional North Indian dish. It is made from Rajma (kidney beans) and other natural spices. It is served as a side dish with rice and all types of rotis. Rajma has a pleasant flavor and is reddish brown in colour. It is rich in proteins, minerals and fiber. It helps in improving blood flow in the body and there are many other health benefits too. This is a very tasty and spicy dish and everybody would like to it. The most important thing is that it takes only 30 minutes to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of this dish.   Continue reading →