black-eye-pea-spoonThis is another Indian savory snack made from black eyed beans and some natural spices. Alasande kalu is a kannada word (Karnataka, India) used for black eyed beans. This is mainly prepared in southern part of India. Alasande is a very good source of proteins and dietary fiber. Normally, in rainy season, we like to have some hot and spicy snacks at the time of evening tea.You can try this recipe, this is the ideal dish for the season. You can also serve this in lunch and dinner as starter. Preparation of this dish is simple and you can prepare it with the ingredients available in your kitchen. You can, also, prepare this type of  snacks, using any type of  pulses, available in your kitchen. If you want to use, you can use onion but you should not add hing (asafoitida). Now, we will see the preparation of this hot and tasty alsande kalu vade.


  • Alasande kalu (Chawli/Black eyed beans) – 200 grams (around 1 cup)
  • kadale bele (Chana dal/Split bengal gram) – 1 Table spoon
  • Uddina bele (Udad dal/Split black gram) – 1 Table spoon
  • Red chillies – 4
  • Curry leaves – 10 – 15 leaves (or 2 sprigs)
  • Kothambari beeja (Dhaniya/Coriander seeds) – 1 tea spoon
  • Jeerige (Cumin seeds/Jeera) – 2 Tea spoons
  • Salt – 2 Tea spoons
  • Hing (Asofoetida) – 1/2 Tea spoon
  • Kothambari soppu (Hara dhaniya/coriander leaves) – 1 Small cup (chopped)
  • Cooking Soda – 1/2 Tea spoon (optional)
  • Cooking oil – 250 ml


  • Wash black eyed beans, bengal gram and black gram with plane water together and soak them in 500 ml (around 2 ½ cup) of warm water for 1 hour. Add red chllies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds to it. Allow them to soak along with them.
  • Soaking in warm water, will help the ingredients to become soft earlier and while frying they consume less oil.
  • After one hour, drain water from soaked beans and grams  in a bowl.
  • You can use this water for grinding it or else you can use it in cooking, it contains some important nutritional values of the grams, which are good for health.
  • Pour the soaked ingredients into a mixer jar. Add curry leaves, hing, soda and salt to it. Wash and clean coriander leaves and put it into jar, if you want you can chop them otherwise you can put them in jar without chopping as well.
  • Grind them for 1 or 2 minutes without adding water. Remove the lid of  jar, mix the paste with the help of a spoon and grind it coarsely. It may take 2-3 minutes. The paste should be thick. Do not add water, if necessary, add a very little quantity of water, otherwise take out the paste to a bowl. Keep it aside.
  • If you want, you can use garlic instead of hing (asafoetida). You can add up onion as well. If you want to use onion, you can add it while grinding itself.
  • Heat a kadhai (frying pan) on medium flame. Pour oil into it and wait for 5 minutes or until it becomes hot. Take the paste in hands, with the help of fingers, make slightly flat balls and slowly drop them in oil. Deep fry them until they get golden brown colour. You can fry 6-8 vadas at a time. Take out vadas from oil and put them on a tissue paper so that extra oil will be absorbed by paper.
  • Wet you hands with water, before you take the paste in your hand for making flat balls so that paste will not stick to your hands.
  • Repeat the procedure for remaining stuff. Now, hot and spicy Alasande kalu vade ready to serve.









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