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Bhakri ( Jowar Roti/Sorghum Flat Bread )

IMG_2259Bhakri is a flat bread made from Jolada hittu (Jowar atta/sorghum flour) which is unleavened (bread made without using yeast or any other raising agents). This dish is the most authentic and regular diet consumed in northern part of Karnataka (India). It is called “Bhakri” in our North Karnataka region and it is popularly known as “Jolada Rotti” in other parts of Karnataka. In fact it is our staple food which constitutes a dominant portion of standard diet supplying a large fraction of energy and a significant proportion of the intake of other nutrients as well. One more thing I want to share with you that Jola (Jowar or Sorghum) is gluten free, rich in fibre, contains high protein, it controls blood sugar level and it is packed with vitamins, minerals and it has so many countless health benefits. This dish has got only one ingredient that is Jolada Hittu (Sorghum flour). Preparing bhakri with hands is an art and you need lot of experience.  You should know the technique of patting it. If you don’t know how to pat it, here is the alternative method which I am going to tell you now. I will tell you both the methods so that you can try traditional one once you get experience in it. Let’s see the preparation of Bhakri.   Continue reading →