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Wheat Flour Burfi

Deepavali festival is right here. This is time to prepare new, fresh and delicious sweet dishes. I am going to prepare some three – four dishes which I am going to share with you. This dish is one of them. Whenever I think of preparing sweet dishes, I always think of health and budget as well. All ingredients are normally available in everybody’s kitchen. Recently, I tried this dish, I prepared a small quantity and believe me it came out very tasty and delicious. It will take little bit more time than other dishes. If you try this once, you will love do it again and again. Let’s see the preparation of Wheat flour buffi.   Continue reading →


Godi Hittina Unde (Low Fat Wheat Flour Roundels)

wheat flourSeason of festivals started! variety of sweets are prepared for different festivals. First comes “Nagara Panchami” the day on which we perform Naga Devata Pooja offering Naivedyam to Naga devata. In some regions, people offer five types of sweets to Naga Devata apart from milk. They may be of different kind, out of them two dishes are common, those are “Tambittu” and “Chigali”. I have written about these two dishes in my earlier posts. This is the easy one I am bringing it for you. I tried to make it using very less quantity of ghee so that every one can enjoy this sweet and especially those who are weight conscious and it is very healthy and nutritious as well. Godi hittu is a kannada word used for wheat flour which is commonly used to make all types of rotis or breads. Varieties of sweet dishes can also be prepared by using wheat flour, this recipe is one of them. the best part is it requires no preparation and consumes very less time. Let’s see the preparation of delicious “Godi hittina unde”.   Continue reading →