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Mixed Dall Dosa (Mixed split pulses Pancake)

dalThis is very healthy and delicious dish, you can make it hot and spicy as well. You can prepare this dish for breakfast and as well as for lunch box, this dish is fit for all seasons and all time. And more over it can be prepared instantly, no need to wait for fermentation. Dall is a dried pulse (lentils, peas or beans) which has been split. You can use any dal available in your kitchen. Split pulses (dall) are powerhouse of nutrition. They are the oldest commonly consumed food grains and at the same time, they are the one which need very less time to prepare since they don’t require a lengthy soaking time unlike other grains. In fact, I prepare it frequently for the breakfast, it is very easy and simple to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of mixed dall dosa.   Continue reading →



Hulipalya is a kannada word used for “dal or curry” made from any green leafy vegetable and Tur dal. Huli means tangy and palya means vegetable. This dish is the main dish which is served with rice, jawar roti and chapati. I am preparing this dish using palak along with tur dal. Regular consumption of palak helps in preventing weakening of bones, anemia, iron deficiency. Tur dal supplies major share of protein requirement. That is why, most of the vegetarians use tur dal regulary in their diet. My husband likes this dish very much, I am not using any dry masala (spice) to prepare this dish. Let’s see the preparation of palak hulipalya.   Continue reading →