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Hasi Khobbari Holige (Kayi Holige/Fresh Coconut Sweet Flat Bread)

IMG_2225Season of festival has already begun, this is the time to prepare varieties of sweet dishes. This dish is served as main course in festival days. This dish is very delicious and tasty which is liked by everyone. Fresh coconut is called by different names in different regions in India. We, Kannadigas (people of Karnataka), call coconut as Tengina kayi. The grated part of fresh coconut is called “Hasi khobbari or kayi turi”. A wide range of sweet dishes can be prepared from fresh coconut. Coconut is a very versatile and indispensable food item in coastal belt of Karnataka, Chennai and Kerala. It is a complete food which is very rich in calories, vitamins and minerals and it is also a very good source of B-Complex. Normally, there is a misconception that consumption of coconut increases weight, on the contrary it helps to reduce weight if it is used in proper manner. We can prepare lot of sweets like Halwa, Burfi, laadu, Holige and so many… from fresh coconut. Normally, this dish is prepared from fresh coconut and sugar, since I am little bit health and weight conscious I tried fresh coconut with jaggery (Bella/Gud). It came out very tasty and crunchy. I made the procedure simple and easy, if you are preparing it for the first time, do it for a very less quantity say…2 or 3 holige. Once you do it successfully, you can prepare it as many as you like. Let’s see the preparation of Hasi Khobbari Holige.   Continue reading →


Puthani Burfi ( Roasted Bengal Gram Burfi )

putani This is an Indian sweet recipe, which is, mainly prepared in Northern part of Karnataka (India). This is one of the Diwali sweets. Basically, “Puthani”is a kannada word, which is used for “Pholay chane” or “Roasted bengal gram” in Northern part of Karnataka. This dish is prepared from Roasted Bengal gram and sugar. Amongst all the sweets, this is the most healthy and tasty one. At the same time, this is very less expensive as well! This dish does not require ghee (clarified butter) or oil for preparation. Persons, who are health and weight conscious, can have this sweet dish without restrictions. Roasted Bengal grams are healthy as they contain many nutritional elements which are necessary for the proper growth of our body. They contain many vital vitamins. You will be happy to know that the procedure for preparing this dish is simple one and less time consuming. Let’s see the preparation of Puthani Burfi.

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This is an Indian sweet recipe, which is known by different names in all over India. It is known as ‘Hesarittina unde” in karnataka. Basically, it is a kannada word, combination of  two words. Hesaru means moong, hittu means flour (hesarittu) and unde means ladoo. Amongest all types of  ladoos, this is the most healthy and tasty one. This is a very old traditional dish. My grand mother used to prepare this dish regularly in a traditional way using whole green gram (moong/hesaru). The procedure was very lengthy and time consuming. I have little bit modified the procedure, I am  using moong dal and jaggery to prepare this dish. Both are rich in protiens, fiber and iron. You will be happy to know that the procedure for preparing these ladoos is very simple. You need not worry about the consistency of  the syrup. Initially, If you spend 15-20 minutes for preparation of flour, then it can be prepared instantly. Enjoy preparing these delicious ladoos.   Continue reading →


This is a sweet dish recipe made from milk and dry fruits. This is an Indian dessert which is very delicious and healthy. I am using cashew nuts and almonds, which are rich in energy and are very nutritious. Milk is an excellent source of dietary calcium. It is easy to prepare and takes very less time. Let’s see how to prepare this delicious and healthy Kaju Badam Kheer.   Continue reading →


This is an Indian sweet dish. This is one of the Diwali sweets. This dish is made from dry coconut and sugar. This dish is mainly prepared in southern part of India. This dish does’t require ghee or oil. So, persons who are health and weight conscious, can have this sweet very well. It is very easy and takes very less time to prepare comparing to other sweets. Let’s see the preparation of this healthy and delicious sweet.   Continue reading →


This is an Indian traditional sweet dish which is prepared on special occasions like festivals. This dish is made from moong dal (split green grams) and jaggery. It is a good source of protein and fiber. This dish helps to overcome from acidity problems. You can have it twice a week. You will be happy to know that it is very easy to prepare and in very less time. It will take hardly 20 -25 minutes to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of this tasty sweet dish.   Continue reading →


This is a sweet dish recipe made from palm dates and dry fruits. Burfi is an Indian dish and it refers to the category of sweet dishes that look like small pieces of soft cookies. Dates are very nutritious and are high in dietary fiber. They are also low in fat and cholesterol. They are a good source of potassium, calcium and iron. Groundnuts provide 30 essential nutrients. They are antioxidants and are also naturally free of fats and sodium.

This recipe is very low on fat and cholesterol. It has lots of nuts and has the natural sweetness of dates and groundnuts. You may be surprised to know that it takes only around 15 minutes to prepare. It’s very easy to prepare as well. Let’s see how to make this delicious and nutritious sweet dish.   Continue reading →