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Raajageeri Soppina Dal ( Amaranth Leaves Stew )

RaajagiriRaajageeri soppu is a very commonly available green leaf vegetable in Northern part of Karnataka (India). Raajageeri soppu (Amaranth leave) is also known as Dantina soppu in Karnataka and is known by different names in other parts of India. This dish is a side dish which can be served with Jawar roti, chapati and rice. We preferably serve it with jawar roti which is our staple food. Raajageeri leaves are excellent gluten free diet and help in improving digestion. It has got plenty of vitamins and minerals especially it is rich in Vitamin C and iron. Other than these it has got plenty of health benefits. More over we are preparing this dish along with lentils (Dal/bele) which are again full of nutritions. This dish takes very less time to prepare. Let’s see how to prepare raajageeri soppina dal.  Continue reading →


HagalaKayi RasaPalya (Bitter gourd Stew)

HagalakaiWhenever we think of bitter gourd, we feel bitterness in taste of the dish, whereas this dish tastes awesome with a little bit bitterness and wonderful flavour of bitter gourd. Hagala kayi is a kannada (Karnataka, India) word used for bitter gourd and RasaPalya is a Kannada word used for sweat & sour stew. Bitter gourd has got plenty of medicinal and healthy values. It helps a lot to improve our health if we include it in our regular diet. We can prepare varieties of recipes from bitter gourd, this is one of them. My mother used to prepare this dish regularly. You can serve it as main side dish with roti, chapati or rice. You will be happy to know that it takes hardly 10 – 15 minutes to prepare and believe me it is very delicious. You can try it at home once, you would love to do it again after tasting it. Let’s see how to prepare HagalaKayi RasaPalya.   Continue reading →