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Yellu – Bella (Sesame Seeds Jaggery Trail Mix)

img_20180114_113915_2_3.jpgMakara Sankranti (Sankramana) festival is celebrated on 14th or 15th of January every year in India. Makara Sankranti festival is celebrated as the beginning of the harvest season. Yellu Bella recipe is an integral part of this festival. This is basically a mix of sesame seeds, groundnuts, jaggery, sugar crystals, dry coconut and puffed bengal gram. Yellu bella is prepared for this auspicious day and offered it to God. Afterwards, it is distributed amongst friends and family along with a small gift. “Yellu-bella thindu olle maathadi” is the famous saying in Kannada (Karnataka) while distributing yellu bella which basically means “eat sweet and speak sweet like jaggery”. This recipe is the most simple recipe I have ever written. Let’s see the preparation.   Continue reading →


Yellu Holige (Til Gud ki Roti/Sesame Sweet Flatbread)

natural-sesame-seedMakara Sankranti, festival of harvest, is nearing. It is time to know the special dishes which are prepared during this festival. Yellu holige (Sesame sweet flat bread) is one of them. Yellu is a kannada (Karnataka) word used for Sesame seeds or Til. This sweet dish is most popular in North Karnataka (a Southern State in India). Yellu Holige is offered to God as Naivedya along with other dishes during Makara Sankranti Festival. This dish is very tasty and cruchy. Sesame is most commonly grown crop in North Karnataka and we use sesame seeds maximum in our regular diet. Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate crunchy taste to the dish. A handful of sesame seeds have more calcium than a glass of milk and they are very good source of B-complex vitamins. I tried to make the procedure little bit simpler. Initially, you can prepare it for the smaller quantity, once you get perfection, you can go in for larger quantity. Let’s see the preparation of tasty and crunchy Yellu Holige.   Continue reading →