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Chavali Kayi Huli ( Gori Kayi Sambar / Cluster Beans and lentil Stew )

IMG_2266Yet another chavali kayi dish comes here. Cluster beans is popularly known as “Chavali kayi” and Sambar as “Huli” in Northern part of Karnataka (India). These are Kannada words (Kaarnataka). Basically, it is a lentil based veg stew, here we are using cluster beans as vegetable. This dish is served as side dish with main course like rice, roti and chapati. Cluster beans has it’s own taste and flavour which we don’t find in any other vegetable. This vegetable contains a variety of health benefits which are useful to the whole body. This one is the best vegetable you can ever have if you cook it in a right way by preserving all it’s nutrients. You can really make a tasty and healthy dish with cluster beans. While you are buying the cluster beans, make sure that the beans are not too hard, they should be soft and tender. Make sure that the beans should not have any dark or black spots on it, it shows that they are not fresh enough to buy. If you are using canned one then you need to  ensure that the container should be airtight and sealed. This dish is quite easy to prepare and it is full of nutritions. Let’s see how to prepare tasty and healthy chavali kayi huli.   Continue reading →


Alasande Kalu Huli (Black Eyed Beans Curry)

alasandThis is an Indian dish made from black eyed beans, alasande kalu is a Kannada (India) word for black eyed beans. This dish is served as main side dish with rice, rotis and chapatis. My mother, oftenly, used to prepare this dish, this dish has a different flavour of its own, it is very delicious and full of proteins. I learnt it from my mother, she used to prepare it on stove (lakadi ka chulha). Now a days, we are using pressure cookers and gas stove. This food is very low in Saturated fat, sodium and Cholesterol. It is also a good source of Protein, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber. This dish tastes very spicy and tasty. It may take 30 minutes to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of delicious curry.   Continue reading →