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Cabbage Kosambari (Cabbage Salad)

cabbageHere comes yet another healthy dish. This recipe is very simple, tasty and healthy as well. I learnt from my mom, I modified it and made it easy for beginners. It consumes very less time, you can prepare it instantly without any preparation, hardly it may take 10 minutes. The only preparation is chopping the vegetable. Cabbage is called “Yell Kosu” in Kannada (Karnataka, India) and Kosambari is purely a Kannada word used for traditional Salad where oil seasoning is used, whereas I am using olive oil. This dish can be served as side dish for lunch, dinner or else you can carry it in lunch box. By having it in meals you feel that your stomach is full but not heavy. You can serve this dish with roti, chapati, rice or any other type of rice, it tastes awesome with any type of main course. Cabbage comprises of many healthy nutrients, it is packed with many vitamins, minerals and other nutritions which are proved to be beneficial in keeping good health. It is very low in calories, fibre rich and modified leafy vegetable which I use in my daily diet. Another important thing to be taken care of is picking up good cabbage for salad. It should have more layers and should be little bit light in weight. Let’s see how to prepare healthy and tasty Cabbage Kosambari.   Continue reading →


Southekayi Kosambari (Cucumber Salad / Kakadi ka Raita)

finely-chopped-cucumbersSouthekayi/Cucumbers are such a versatile salad vegetable that they tend to be bought frequently. Southekayi is a Kannada (Karnataka, India) word used for cucumber. Cucumber salad is very well known side dish all over the world and of course  is prepared in different ways. My mother used to prepare this dish as major side dish for jawar rotis for dinner. But I serve this dish with all types of special rice and rotis. This dish is very tasty and healthy as well. Cucumbers have a very good quantity of water percentage, which helps in keeping body hydrated and at the same time, helps in eliminating toxins. For overall health of the body, it is considered as super food. It is an ideal food for the people, who are thinking of weight loss. Ingredients used for this dish are all raw, no need to cook any thing. This dish can be prepared instantly within no time, it may take 5 minutes to prepare this dish. Let’s see how to prepare this tasty and healthy dish.

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???????????????????????????????This is a side dish in Indian meals. This dish is made out of skin (peel) of ridge gourd(Heerekai/Turai). It is used as a side dish for rotis, chapati, paratha and any type of rice. In normal course, we peel off  skin of ridge gourd and through it out. Most of us have less information about ridge gourd skin, it is good source of dietary fiber. It has excellent blood purifying properties which helps to purify, restore and nourish liver.This dish is very healthy and tasty. It will take hardly 10 – 15 minutes for preparation. This is, actually, a rural culinary, rural people prepare this dish as main side dish for rotis and they prepare only one side dish for their whole meal. You can make this dish as much hot as you like. Let’s see the preparation of heerekai sippe bharta.

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