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Hasi Khobbari Halwa ( Fresh Coconut Dessert )

IMG_2620Winter has arrived here in India, this is the right time to start preparing some new sweet dishes along with evening snacks or for dinner. I am going to tell you about preparation of Hasi khobbari halwa (fresh coconut dessert). Basically, inside portion of fresh coconut is called Hasi Khobbari in Kannada in North Karnataka region (Karnataka, India). We prepare a wide range of sweet dishes from fresh coconut. This is one of those. Using fresh coconut in regular diet is very good for health as it has got plenty of health benefits. This dish is very easy to prepare and it requires very less number of ingredients as well. I tried this at home using very less quantity of sugar and believe me, it was very delicious. Let’s see the preparation of Hasi Khobbari Halwa (fresh coconut dessert).  Continue reading →


Kumbala Kayi Halwa (Pumpkin Dessert)

kumbalakaiHere comes one more authentic and healthy sweet dish. Kumbala kayi halwa (Pumpkin dessert) is one of the most healthy and tasty sweet dish. Pumpkin is generally a healthy food with no negative effects if eaten in proper way,  Pumpkin is an incredibly nutritious food. Pumpkins are loaded with lots of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and relatively few calories as well. There are many ways that pumpkin can be included in your regular diet. You can make dessert, soup, veggie, salad, raita (a type of salad with curds), sambar and fryums (Sandige in Kannada) and many more. Choosing of Pumpkin for halwa (dessert) is very important. You have to keep one thing in mind that you have to choose the right one. Choose a field Pumpkin that is reddish yellow from inside. It is little bit sweetish in taste that is why I am using very less sugar to prepare this dish. That is the reason these Pumpkins are called “Sihi Kumbala kayi” in Kannada (Karnataka, India).  Let’s see how to prepare Kumbala kayi halwa. Continue reading →

Beetroot Halwa ( Beetroot Dessert )

grated-beetrootYet another delicious, tasty and healthy sweet dish for you! Beetroot halwa is made from red beetroot and sugar, whereas I am using organic jaggary instead of sugar. Beetroot halwa is not much popular. Who ever is not familiar with this sweet dish, can try once. This is very healthy and tasty. At first instance, beetroots look rough and dusty, you may be surprised by how sweet it tastes. In fact, beetroots contain highest natural sugar content of all vegetables, that is why this sweet dish requires very less quantity of jaggary (or sugar). Beetroots have got a number of essential nutrients which help in improving heart health, lowers the risk of diabetes complications keeps you healthy. If we eat beets raw,it is crunchy, but turns soft when it is cooked. You can enjoy beets raw in the form of salad or sliced and as well as you can enjoy beets cooked or steamed. In all forms it taste grate and provides vitamins and minerals required to the body, making them a healthy addition to your diet may result in amazing improvement in health. Whenever you try new things in cooking, it is better to prepare it in smaller quantity. Once you feel you are good at preparing the dish, you can prepare in larger quantity. You can try this, I am sure you will succeed. Let’s see the preparation of tasty, healthy and delecious Beetroot halwa.   Continue reading →


Gajjari halwa or carrot halwa is an Indian sweet dish which is made from carrot and sugar. Normally, this dish is prepared using milk. I am preparing this dish without using milk. This is very tasty and delicious and healthy too. My son loves this very much and I often prepare this dish for him. This is a simple sweet dish which requires very few ingredients. You will enjoy cooking this dish because you need not be expert in cooking for preparing this dish. It is so simple to remember the steps. Let’s see the preparation of tasty and delicious carrot halwa.

I am showing, here, preparation of halwa using a small quantity of ingredients. Once you expertise in this, you can prepare for larger quantity. I always do this, If I am doing any new thing  in cooking, I do it for smaller quantity. If the dish comes out tasty then I will prepare in larger quantity. You can try this.   Continue reading →


This is an Indian traditional sweet dish which is prepared on special occasions like festivals. This dish is made from moong dal (split green grams) and jaggery. It is a good source of protein and fiber. This dish helps to overcome from acidity problems. You can have it twice a week. You will be happy to know that it is very easy to prepare and in very less time. It will take hardly 20 -25 minutes to prepare. Let’s see the preparation of this tasty sweet dish.   Continue reading →