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Wheat Flour Burfi

Deepavali festival is right here. This is time to prepare new, fresh and delicious sweet dishes. I am going to prepare some three – four dishes which I am going to share with you. This dish is one of them. Whenever I think of preparing sweet dishes, I always think of health and budget as well. All ingredients are normally available in everybody’s kitchen. Recently, I tried this dish, I prepared a small quantity and believe me it came out very tasty and delicious. It will take little bit more time than other dishes. If you try this once, you will love do it again and again. Let’s see the preparation of Wheat flour buffi.   Continue reading →


Besan Ladoo (Chickpeas Gram Flour Roundels)

besan-flour-and-dalFestival season has started, many types of sweet dishes are prepared, of them, besan ladoo is predominant. Besan ladoo is very well known sweet dish in India and this dish is liked by persons of all age group. This dish is, unanimously, known as besan ladoo all over our country (India). Basically,this dish is made from besan (gram flour/chickpeas gram flour), sugar and ghee(clarified butter). I am using khoya (mawa/dried milk) for better taste. It is not necessary to use khoya, if you don’t want to use it, you can prepare this dish without using khoya . You will be happy to know that, I am going to show you the very easy method of preparing besan lodoo. You will love to prepare this dish again and again. Let’s see the preparation of delicious besan ladoo.   Continue reading →