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Chavali Kayi Palya with Alasande Kalu (Cluster Beans with Black Eyed Beans Veggie)

picCluster beans are popularly known as Chavali kayi in northern part of Karnataka (India) which is a southern state in India and gavar in hindi and it is known by different names in different regions of our country (India). Cluster beans are grown in rainy season, it is a short term crop. This is the right season to prepare varieties of dishes from cluster beans. Cluster bean is very good source of iron and potassium and at the same time, it has good amount of fiber as well. It will be a wonderful combination if Cluster bean (chavali kayi) is cooked with black eyed beans (alasande kalu/Lobhia). My husband don’t like cluster beans veggie, once I tried to prepare cluster beans with black eyed beans and it came out so tasty that my husband loved it. This dish is very healthy and delicious as well. You can serve it with rice, chapati, roti or any other main course. Except the process of¬†cleaning and cutting of cluster beans, remaining process of cooking this dish is very simple and consumes normal cooking time, you will enjoy it cooking. Let’s see the preparation of chavalikayi palya with alasande kalu. ¬† Continue reading →