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Chavali Kayi Huli ( Gori Kayi Sambar / Cluster Beans and lentil Stew )

IMG_2266Yet another chavali kayi dish comes here. Cluster beans is popularly known as “Chavali kayi” and Sambar as “Huli” in Northern part of Karnataka (India). These are Kannada words (Kaarnataka). Basically, it is a lentil based veg stew, here we are using cluster beans as vegetable. This dish is served as side dish with main course like rice, roti and chapati. Cluster beans has it’s own taste and flavour which we don’t find in any other vegetable. This vegetable contains a variety of health benefits which are useful to the whole body. This one is the best vegetable you can ever have if you cook it in a right way by preserving all it’s nutrients. You can really make a tasty and healthy dish with cluster beans. While you are buying the cluster beans, make sure that the beans are not too hard, they should be soft and tender. Make sure that the beans should not have any dark or black spots on it, it shows that they are not fresh enough to buy. If you are using canned one then you need to  ensure that the container should be airtight and sealed. This dish is quite easy to prepare and it is full of nutritions. Let’s see how to prepare tasty and healthy chavali kayi huli.   Continue reading →


Chavali Kayi Palya with Alasande Kalu (Cluster Beans with Black Eyed Beans Veggie)

picCluster beans are popularly known as Chavali kayi in northern part of Karnataka (India) which is a southern state in India and gavar in hindi and it is known by different names in different regions of our country (India). Cluster beans are grown in rainy season, it is a short term crop. This is the right season to prepare varieties of dishes from cluster beans. Cluster bean is very good source of iron and potassium and at the same time, it has good amount of fiber as well. It will be a wonderful combination if Cluster bean (chavali kayi) is cooked with black eyed beans (alasande kalu/Lobhia). My husband don’t like cluster beans veggie, once I tried to prepare cluster beans with black eyed beans and it came out so tasty that my husband loved it. This dish is very healthy and delicious as well. You can serve it with rice, chapati, roti or any other main course. Except the process of cleaning and cutting of cluster beans, remaining process of cooking this dish is very simple and consumes normal cooking time, you will enjoy it cooking. Let’s see the preparation of chavalikayi palya with alasande kalu.   Continue reading →

Chavali Kayi Palya ( Guar Sabzi / Cluster Beans Veggie )

chavalikayiPalya is a kannada word used for ‘Sabzi or Pan Fried Veggies’, seasoned with a little quantity of natural spices. Palya is a side dish, which is served with roti, chapati and rice, along with dal or sambar. This  dish is, very commonly, prepared veggie in Northern part of  Karnataka (Southern part of India). Cluster beans is one of the finest veggie food source for diabetic and high blood pressure sufferers, cluster beans have the highest fibre content among all vegetables, which in turn prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar levels after a meal. I am preparing this veggie in a very simple way using some natural herbs. My mother used to prepare this veggie oftenly, I have learnt it from her. Here, I have modified a little bit accordingly. It is a dry veggie, can be given in lunch box, it won’t drip out of box. It can be prepared within 15-20 minutes (cleaning and chopping apart), isn’t it great! Let’s see the preparation of this tasty and healthy veggie.   Continue reading →