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Budama kayi Uppinakayi (Dosa kayi Pickle/lemon cucumber Pickle)

BudmakaiBudamakayi or Dosakayi (Indian name) or lemon cucumber is a big spherical cucumber which is very popular in southern part of India. In India, Lemon cucumbers are available during summer season. The mild and pleasant taste is complemented by a cool and crisp texture. It resembles a lemon in appearance, the flavour is little bit sweet and less acidic. Lemon juice or vinegar is to be added to make the pickle little bit sour. It is better to use vinegar which works as preservative for pickles as well. Varieties of dishes can be prepared by using lemon cucumbers, this recipe is one of them. This recipe is a very simple and easy one and more over it consumes very less time and requires very less preparation. The ingredients used in this recipe are commonly available in every kitchen. You can serve it as side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It complements the food with rice, roti, chapati, paratha, upama and all main courses. Let’s see the preparation of hot, tangy and spicy budamakayi uppinakayi.   Continue reading →