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Antina Unde (Edible Gum and Jaggery Roundels)

IMG_2850 copyI am bringing yet another authentic and good old sweet dish for you. This is a traditional Indian dish which is very much nutritious and tasty as well. Antu is a kannada word used for edible gum and unde is a Kannada word used for roundels Or ladoo in Hindi. The main ingredient of this recipe is edible gum. It is very helpful in gaining the strength of the body and strengthening the immune system as well. It also helps in increasing the body ability. It has got wonderful medicinal values and health benefits. It contains anti ageing property and large quantity of proteins. Apart from edible gum, we are using other ingredients which are very nutritious and healthy. This dish is offered to Lord Krishna on the occasion of “Sri Krishna Janmastami”. In North Karnataka region, in earlier days, this dish was the most important diet given as post delivery diet to mothers (at least for a month) and I think, even now, this diet is given as post delivery diet cum tonic. I learnt it from my mother and modified it a little bit for beginners. You can try it once without hesitancy because it won’t get spoiled in any condition. You can include it in your kid’s daily diet which helps them grow stronger and healthy. If you have all the ingredients in your kitchen, then it will take very less time to prepare it. Let’s see the preparation of Antina Unde. Continue reading →